George Bancroft Elementary School

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Springtime Updates

      March is a busy time for our school. The principal is visiting classrooms and recognizing "Superstar Students!"  Students are asked to share what they are learning by standing up and giving examples to the entire class. By showing what they know in front of the principal, their classmates and teachers we hope to build their confidence.
Our Teachers are working extremely hard building and challenging students based on Reading and Math data. Students are showing growth across the board in all classrooms. Our students are working hard with their teachers each day and we are very proud of them.
PTA has been busy running the Book Fair. There will be a PTA meeting March 17th at 2:45. A small number of people attend these meetings. We encourage our parents in the  community to come out and participate in these meetings. Our school desperately needs to see more parents or guardians to help out with the activities planned for our kids.
PSSA assessments will be given in the mornings from April 11-29. Students will not be permitted to leave for appointments in the morning during the testing window.
Thank you to all of the parents for your cooperation during dismissal. The safety of each student is extremely important to us and we appreciate your understanding with our dismissal routines. Parking is available next to the farmer's market. We ask that you do not park on Albright Avenue between the NO Parking signs at dismissal. This street is blocked off for busses.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school.
Thank you,